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Determination, high integrity & hard work turn DREAM into REALITY!! How does a ‘Besi Boy’ DID it?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Dato' Jonas Lee presented the certificate to Mr. Maiyan and his team

LIVIVA Hall of Fame - LTA Iron Works Sdn Bhd

As the saying goes “It is easy to open a shop but hard to keep it always open”. Keeping a company for more than 20 years is not an easy job. How the Managing Director of LTA Iron Works Sdn Bhd actually did it at the same time keep his company growing?

Managing Director, Mr. Maiyan

The ‘Besi Boy’

Mr. Maiyan, the Managing Director of LTA Iron Works Sdn Bhd, has more than three decades of experience in iron industry. After finished study, he joined his first company and started his career as a ‘Besi Boy’. As more experience gained, he decided to start his own business in year 1997.

Mr. Maiyan and Ms Thila

Woman behind the man

There is a woman behind every successful man. Mr Maiyan claimed that his success cannot be separate from the contribution and support from his wife, Ms Thilagavathy. His wife joined the business after marry and help him to manage on daily operation. Hence, he can focus on growing the business.

Old Workshop Environment

Struggling with business

However, there was always an issue troubling them. Although the company has established for more than 20 years, they were still renting their workshop and the space is very limited. Due to this issue, they have no choice but to give up on some projects and hence slow down their business growth. Mr Maiyan was thought of buying a larger size of factory but he worried on their business cash flows issue and it stopped him several times.

New Factory with Larger Space

Keep learning and brave to take action

As time passed, they were looking for solution to resolve it. Last year, they get to know about business financing planning strategy and understand how it can help them. They started to implement the strategy of Business Estate Ownership by leveraging on governmental scheme which solved his worries and concerns. They have successfully bought their dream factory without affecting his business cash flows.

Enjoy the fruit

Mr. Maiyan also revealed that they are having greater capacity now and can cope for more projects. They have also been awarded with more projects in nationwide as their customers have more confidence with them.


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